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Over the last years, we have earned the trust of numerous industry leaders and major corporations on an international scale. Our clients contact us for our technical skills but also because they value and rely on our professional approach to meeting their requirements. Together, we create, test and optimize, to deliver tailored, qualitative and durable solutions.


At the very beginning of each project it is essential for us to get a complete understanding of our clients’ expectations, in order to structure, design and build a solution that will engage and interact in a meaningful way with them and their audience.

Wildfuse cultivates a spirit of partnership with every client.

We are convinced that great ideas emerge from openness and lively exchanges of views. Combined with our entrepreneurial mindset, this method allows us to handle complex issues in a more efficient way as we are able to look at things the same way our clients do. And that’s something that they truly appreciate!


We leverage IT development excellence with creative flair, Design Thinking and Agile Practices.

Since 2009, Wildfuse has embraced the Agile software development methodology, never backing up, as experience showed that agile projects are far more successful than traditional waterfall ones.

Our agile methodology is reflected in numerous and quick iterations, constantly tested in order to adjust to changes faster and in a smoother manner. Wildfuse gives you a unique client experience, based on efficient communication throughout the course of your project, from conception design to delivery.


Some of the clients we have the privilege to work with: